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Life and property in Greece-Crete

Crete enjoys the mildest winters in Greece, allowing 12 months'  use of properties. There are excellent busy resorts, unspoilt beaches, areas of stunning natural beauty and a history steeped in mythology and the great feats of ancient civilizations. 
As established property agents, buying a house, apartment or villa is something we make easy for our clients.

   Real estate moves quickly in Crete, and as experienced and established Crete property agents we can help you find the best value for money.  We're here to help, and this web site will show you how easy it is to turn the dream of Living In The Sun into a reality. Browse through the pages - like our services, there is no obligation, and no pressure.

 Crete, the largest of the Greek islands and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean, has less than half the average population density of the EU and has become the most popular Greek island for those wishing to retire or set up semi-permanent residence. Unlike many of the smaller islands, life goes on after summer; and why shouldn't it when spring and autumn temperatures in the 70s sandwich short, mild winters? Countless traditional villages amble through life as they have done for centuries. Even the smallest have a village square, kafenion and taverna, where you can eat and drink the day away for not much more than a pocket of small change. In general, the cost of living is 40% less than that of the UK and comes with a free and limitless supply of Crete's unreserved hospitality!

The landscape is as varied as it is beautiful; the backbone of the island is mountainous, with snow capped peaks on view until May. There is the famous Samaria Gorge, Europe's longest at 18 kilometres. It provides fertile areas ablaze with colour and rugged slopes plunging 600 metres to the valley floor


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